Simple but powerful login script

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Simple but powerful login script

Post  cyberhunter on Sun May 25, 2008 10:36 pm

No MySQL required, very simple to set up.


$username = "user1";
$password = "pass1";

$user = $_GET['user'];
$pass = $_GET['pass'];

if($user == $username && $pass == $password)
echo "Welcome to the site!<BR>\n";

// Start website code after the tag below
<!-- Change the code below to whatever you want the site to be like... -->
<title>Members Area</title>
<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF" link="#FFFFFF" alink="#FFFFFF" vlink="#FFFFFF">
<marquee>MEMBERS AREA</marquee>
echo "You see it works!";
<!-- You see you can even add php in the middle. -->

echo "Your not supposed to be here..<BR>\n";

Its supposed to be logged into like this:
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