Welcome to our forum and please read this announcement!

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Welcome to our forum and please read this announcement!

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:35 pm

Salute to everybody.
I really glad to meet with you.

There are many reasons why i made this forum
To share the knowledges to each others
To improve our computing skills etc...

you can see that most of our posts are relating to hacking coz we're interesting abt hacking.
But, we're not the hackers. We're just the learners who're still learning about the basic concepts of hacking.
If we don't know about the concepts of hacking, can we secure our Websites, Networks and Domain?
No...! we can't. So, we should know about the basic concepts of hacking.

in our forum you can freely discuss about hacking, system administration, network administration, programming and so on.
Moreover, if you wish, you can post your own hacking movies, your e books, and your hackings

you can also hack our site.
but i deeply would like to request u to inform us as soon as you hack this site.
i mean by doing like that, you can improve your skills.
as for this site, the other members also can know the vulnerabilities of this site and we can fix those vulnerablities.

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