taking system level account in xp!!!!!!!!!!

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taking system level account in xp!!!!!!!!!!

Post  whh on Fri Apr 25, 2008 7:58 am

hi guys

i would like to show how you can get window system kernal with some of command for XP. But it is not provide with limited accont and guest account. but it is useful for Administrator.
you may be know this command "AT" (Schedules command)
!!!!! WORKING SAMPLE !!!!!
your account name is "AAA" but it is not limited account.
and press "Start" button and look upper your user name
and then watch your system time. let your system time is 1:20 AM for this sample OK
and watch your computer name . let your computer name is "BBB"

and then open command prompt
and then In command prompt type (at \\BBB 1:22 /interactive "cmd.exe")
and then type (at)
you will see some of quary

and them open your Task Manager
and kill process "explorer.exe"
now your destop is disapper.
and wait to 1:22 (your system time)
when your system time is 1:22, the next command prompt will appear.
and close first command prompt
and then In second command prompt, type (explorer.exe)

and then window destop will appear But it is your AAA account . it is system account.
Press start button and look upper user name.

THis is SYSTEM account
it is useful than Administrator account.

that all guy

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Post  BlackDevil on Sat May 23, 2009 8:44 am

Thanks mate ..

trying to test your ways in my fri computer Very Happy and i dont want to test ur way in my own Very Happy


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